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In the news

We have moved to a new office! (03/02-2014)

Coastdesign Norway is happy to announce that we have moved into a new office on 1st December 2013.

- Read More Autoload 3D Crane module is now DNV type approved. (10/06-2013)

The advanced Autoload 3D crane module is now type approved by DNV.

- Read More Visit Coastdesign Norway at the Nor-Shipping Show, Booth T01-11 (02/06-2013)

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) in partner with their Dealer, Coastdesign Norway A/S are pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at Nor-Shipping 2013 from June 4th – 7th at the Norway Trade Fairs in Oslo, Norway.

- Read More



AS Jørgen Pedersen Denmark
BR Marine Consult AS Denmark
Farvandsvæsenet Denmark
Frederikshavn Tekniske Skole Denmark
Hauschildt Marine Denmark
IMA, International Maritime Advicer Denmark
Jørgen Lindberg Denmark
Karstensens Skipsverft AS Denmark
NTD Denmark
Ole Steen Knudsen Denmark
Ship Tech Denmark
ShipCon ApS Denmark
Sjøfartsstyrelsen Denmark
Skibstegnestuen Denmark
Tech Marine Denmark
Aquamaster-Rauma OY Finland
Baltic Yachts Oy Finland
Beacon Oy Finland
FF-JET OY AB Finland
Finnish Board of Navigation Finland
Frontier Guard of Finland Headquarters Finland
Haminan Hand- och Konstindustriskola Finland
Kværner Masa Yards Turkku Finland
Mannerberg Yacht Design Finland
Marine Alutek Oy Finland
Nautor Oy Finland
Naval Headquarters of Finland Finland
Siltala Yachts Oy Finland
Sven Ståhle Engineering Office Finland
Turkku Institute of Technology Finland
Östra Nylands Folkhögskola Finland
Aas mek. verksted AS Norway
Aker Engineering AS Norway
Aker Marine Contractors Norway
Aker Offshore Partner Norway
Aker Stord AS Norway
Allum Marine Norway
Amble og Stokke AS Norway
APL Norway
Ariel AS Norway
ASA Maritim AS Norway
Asker Engineering AS Norway
Barber Marin Consultants Norway
Brødrene Hukkelberg Norway
Buksér & Berging AS Norway
Cirrus AS Norway
Cramaco AS Norway
Det Norske Veritas Norway
Drilltech AS Norway
FEM Engineering Norway
Fjellstrand AS Norway
Frontier Drilling AS Norway
Hamtec Marine AS Norway
Henriksen Mek Norway
Hitec Framnæs AS Norway
Høgskolen i Agder Norway
Høgskolen i Bergen Norway
Høgskolen i Sør Trøndelag Norway
Høgskolen i Vestfold Norway
Høgskolen i Ålesund Norway
I.T. Senteret Norway
Inocean AS Norway
Karmøy Skipskonsult Norway
Kleven Florø Consult Norway
Kleven verft AS Norway
Kristian Gerhard Jepsen Skipsrederi AS Norway
Kvernevik Engineering AS Norway
Kværndokk & Eldøy Norway
Kværner Concrete Construction AS Norway
Kværner Oil and Gas, Oslo Norway
Kværner Oil and Gas, Stav. Norway
Kystdirektoratet Norway
Light Craft Design Norway
Lindstøl Skip AS Norway
LMG Marine AS Norway
Maran Utvikling Norway
Marine Engineering AS Norway
Marine Konstruksjoner Norway
Marine Offshore Systems Norway
Marintek AS Norway
Maritech Consultants AS Norway
Maritime Engineering AS Norway
Maritime Tentech Norway
Maritime Trosvik Norway
Marotec Norway
Mjellem & Karlsen AS Norway
Moen Slip AS Norway
Moss Maritime Norway
Multi Maritime Norway
Multi Ship Consulting AS Norway
Naval Consult Norway
Navatek Norway
Nord-Norsk Skipskonsult AS Norway
Norsk Hydro AS Norway
NTNU Institutt for Marin Prosjektering Norway
Odfjell Drilling Consulting Norway
Offshore & Marintech as Norway
Offshore Design Norway
Offshore heavy transport AS Norway
Oslo Ingeniørhøgskole Norway
Pick-up Cat Norway
Rosendal Verft Norway
Siv.ing. Ola Lilloe Olsen Norway
Sjøfartsdirektoratet Norway
SRS Norway
Structural Engineering Norway
Taubåtkompaniet Management AS Norway
TechMan AS Norway
Tromsø Skipsverft Norway
Ulstein Verft Norway
Ulvans Båtbyggeri AS Norway
Umoe Mandal AS Norway
Umoe Oil & Gas Norway
Webb Marine AS Norway
Westamarin AS Norway
Vik & Sandvik AS Norway
Wärtsilä NSD Norway AS Norway
Ørnli AS Norway
BMS Sweden
Chalmers University of Technology, Naval Architecture Sweden
Coriolis AB Sweden
Dockstavarvet AB Sweden
FKAB Sweden
FMV Fartyg Sweden
GVA Consulting Sweden
JEA Marine Consulting Ing. firma Sweden
Kockums AB Sweden
Neptun Engineering AB Sweden
O.J. MARINE Sweden
Peder Skrivars Gymnasium Sweden
Petter Håkanson Marine Sweden
Rolf Eliasson Yacht Design AB Sweden
Sjöfartsverket, Skeppsteknisk Avd. Sweden
SSPA Maritime Consulting Sweden
Torbjörn Frisk Sweden
Veden Engineering Sweden
Yxlo Marin o Aluminiumsteknik AB Sweden
Övarvet Sweden