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In the news

We have moved to a new office! (03/02-2014)

Coastdesign Norway is happy to announce that we have moved into a new office on 1st December 2013.

- Read More Autoload 3D Crane module is now DNV type approved. (10/06-2013)

The advanced Autoload 3D crane module is now type approved by DNV.

- Read More Visit Coastdesign Norway at the Nor-Shipping Show, Booth T01-11 (02/06-2013)

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) in partner with their Dealer, Coastdesign Norway A/S are pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at Nor-Shipping 2013 from June 4th – 7th at the Norway Trade Fairs in Oslo, Norway.

- Read More

Autoload - Onboard Loading Computer

Autoload is a state of the art loading computer. Used around the world, Autoload is installed on virtually every type of vessel - ro-ro, container, bulk, semi-submersible, coastguard, naval, cruise, fishing, survey, tanker, supply vessel... and more! At present, Autoload has been installed onboard more than 700 vessels. Including secured orders the user list will rise to more than 1000 vessels before the end of 2010.

With Autoload we are market leaders on the most complicated vessel types, from the stability standpoint, such as semi-submersible heavy lift vessels (lifting floating rigs out of the water) and semi-submersible offshore rigs. The biggest ever built “Thunder Horse”, has more than 300 tanks online, draft, mooring (including horizontal forces) and online wind sensors. Thunder Horse, was even delivered to the operational site with the vessel (Blue Marlin) using Autoload as its onboard stability analyzer.

3D model of Thunder Horse and Blue Marlin

  Thunder Horse and Blue Marlin

Picure from Autoload

Also from our development project for the Wallenius Willhelmsen roro fleet (the AutoLoad cargo planning system is now managing cargo on over 100 vessels, 24/7, in all zones of the world).
This unique project has given us unlimited cargo planning features to pick from our shelves, for use as features for offshore vessels.

The Autoload loading computer uses a complete 3D model of the vessel, identical to the model used for creating the approved stability booklet. Designed to meet IMO loading computer requirements, Autoload enables vessel operators to perform accurate stability and strength calculations for any vessel loading condition. All calculations are performed from first principles, ensuring that results are true at any displacement and any angle of heel or trim. 

3D view in Autoload of a offshore construction vessel

3D view in Autoload of a offshore construction vessel

Computer Specifications

Autoship software was the first true marine Windows application back  in 1990.  Today Autoload remains a true windows application, designed with the latest available tools for graphical interface and reporting,
Autoload can be installed on any computer using the Windows platform .

For optimum performance, we recommend that the computer specification should be at least: Pentium 4, 3GHz with 512 MB go RAM, 100MB free disk space, 128MB video card with open GL support , DVD/CD reader, USB port, serial port, Ethernet card.

Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later is required.
Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista or Windows 7.